• Fillmore Student Help Desk

    …where minutes count

    Nothing is more frustrating than incorporating technology into a lesson, only to have something go wrong during class where the students can't get their laptop to work or the teacher's computer won't work.  We know that every minute counts in the classroom, so we are here to help!

    Fillmore’s Student Help Desk will be available in classrooms near you with skilled support personnel waiting to be tapped — namely, your students.

    The student-run Help Desk will be located in the Media Center and be open throughout the day for teachers, students, staff, and administrators to get quick troubleshooting help. The members of the Student Help Desk will also be all around the building ready to support you! You won't miss them, so just ask for help when you see them!

  • Meet the BOTS

    Posted by Elizabeth Hardy on 11/1/2018 12:00:00 PM

    Reid Cockle



    John Dunmire



    Caleb Green


    Aiden Wagner


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