• Welcome to the Fillmore Environment Club's Webpage.

    This new club has been formed with one goal in mind: improving our community through volunteer action. We will be taking on various projects around the county, but we have one major goal: improvement and maintenance of the Greenway Trail that runs north to south in our county, connecting to other trail systems in Pennsylvania and the Rochester, NY area. 

    A part of the Triple Divide Trail System, the Greenway Trail is a retired rail bed that has been turned into a walking path. Over the years, the trail has extended through the entire county, but several sections, including the section in our school district, are overgrown and poorly developed. Our plan is to rehabilitate and improve this section.

    Here are some images of the Greenway. There are at least 5 places along the trail that we have identified as in need of foot bridges (hikers along the trail have been forced onto the road in these sections):

    Here is a link to a gallery of images from Google Earth for more information:

    To view this on your own Google Earth installation, download this file:

    Triple Divide Trail System