Students in PreK-6 th grade recently participated in grade level gatherings to celebrate their Rachel’s Challenge accomplishments. Posters created by students in art classes with Mrs. Milliman and Ms. Brown were displayed.   Rachel’s All-star certificates and bracelets were awarded to students selected by their teachers for demonstrating the characteristics of kindness, influence, and accepting others.   Chain links, which are awarded to students when they display kindness and compassion, were linked together, counted, and hung in hallways. During the gatherings teachers took the time to express their appreciation to students who make a point of treating others in a way that promotes a positive classroom atmosphere. Thank you to Mrs. Milliman and Ms. Brown for their support of the Rachel’s Challenge program in their art classes.


Students in grades 3 and 4 met to talk about the Rachel's Challenge, share their artwork, link together kindness chains, and hand out awards.