Our Advocacy Action Plan

The support of the local community is vital to the continued success of every school district.  At critical times like these that support must reach out to our elected representatives.  To do that effectively, the community needs information and the necessary tools.  The following packet of financial information and advocacy guidelines is for you to use as you make those contacts.  If you need clarification of any of this material or more information please do not hesitate to contact the school.  Please do not stop with just elected state officials.  Local governments, organizations, clubs and service groups can also lend support.  Use this information to let them know what we are facing.  And don’t stop with just Fillmore groups.  All upstate districts are facing the same issues.  Public education in rural New York is at a crossroads.  The public will determine which road we go down.  Inaction will mean that Albany and the wealthier parts of the state will make those decisions for us.    

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo                                      Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
New York State Capitol Building                                 AlbanyOffice
Albany, New York 12224                                                Legislative Office Building 932

Phone:  (518) 474-8390                                                     Albany, New York 12248

Fax:     (518) 474-1513                                                        Phone:  (518) 455-3791

                                                                                                District Office

Senator Cathy Young                                                      250 Broadway

Albany Office                                                                    Suite 2307

188 State Street Room                                                          307 Legislative Office Building

Albany, NY 12247                                                                 New York, New York 10007

Phone: (518) 455-3563                                                           Phone: (212) 312-1420

Fax: (518) 426-6905                                                                Email: speaker@assembly.state.ny.us

Email: cyoung@senate.state.ny.us                                Phone: (212) 312-1420


District Office

Westgate Plaza                                                                       Senate Majority Leader Dean  Skelos

700 W. State Street                                                                 Albany Office

Olean, NY 14760                                                                   Legislative Office Building, Room 907

Phone: (716) 664-4603                                                          Albany, New York 12247

Fax: (716) 664-2430                                                               Phone:  (518)455-3171

                                                                                                    Email:  skelos@nysenate.gov

Assemblyman Dan Burling                                              District Office

Albany Office                                                                        55 Front Street

Legislative Office Building 635                                         Rockville Centre, New York 11570

Albany, NY 12248                                                                 Phone:  (516)766-8383

(518) 455-5314


District Office

2371 N. Main Street

Warsaw, NY 14569

(585) 786-0180