• Mylee Miller (5/30/14) Mylee has been working very hard to be responsible for following the classroom routines on her own.  She can check the job chart and remember her job when it is time to do it and she can take care of her attendance and morning routines without a reminder! Mylee has made a lot of friends at PreK and she is comfortable talking with them about her ideas and about what she likes and doesn’t like. Mylee is a very capable PreK student and she is confident that she can be independent when doing her work and participating in classroom activities.

    Chase Cole (5/30/14) Chase has been coming into the classroom with a big smile on his face! He knows how to be cooperative when his siblings bring him to school. Chase can do quality work when he is working independently and he knows how to listen and obey the first time he is asked to do something.  He gets very excited when he remembers something he has learned and can share it with others. Chase also has made good friends in PreK. He is using words to talk with his friends about how they are playing and he is listening to his friend’s words too. We are so happy that Chase has matured and is making good decisions. He has worked really hard to become a soaring eagle.

    Isaac Wilcox (5/30/14) Isaac uses very nice manners and is working hard to listen politely to his friends when it is their turn to talk. He knows it is important to talk about the book or discussion topic; to answer the question that is asked and to stay on topic. Isaac loves to play with all his friends and always tries to include everyone. He is very proud when he knows he has done quality work and is learning to work well independently and with classmates.

    McKoy Gayford (5/30/14)  McKoy always has a big smile on his face and is a very friendly PreK friend. He is cooperative in class and always tries to complete his independent work. He listens to his friends’ ideas and has become confident about using sentences to share what he is thinking.  McKoy is a respectful listener, a careful communicator and a good friend! That makes him a soaring eagle!

    Sara Armison (5/30/14) Sara always tries her best in the classroom. It is important to Sara that she be a class role model and friend to everyone.  She is more than willing to help someone in need.

    Caleb Green (5/30/14)  Caleb is always polite and considerate of others.  He is an example of good manners to his peers and offers assistance to anyone who needs it.

    Oakley Frazier (5/30/14)  Oakley is an excellent organizer.  She rescues others who are struggling with organization.  She is an independent worker and takes her assignments seriously.

    Hope Fuller (5/30/14)  Hope is a friend to all and is the sunshine of the classroom.  She is uplifting and happy when others need encouragement and a friend.

    Grace Jordan (5/30/14) Grace is kind, sensitive and caring.  Her soft spoken words encourage others to do their best.  She also is a good listener.

    Kira Morley (5/30/14)  Kira is one who is trying to meet all second grade expectations.  She is happy, easy going and loved by all. She helps everyone feel care free and happy.

    Brianna Santigo (5/30/14) Brianna is an excellent example of a hardworking and goal setting student.  She tries her best every day she enters Fillmore’s doors.  She has lots of friends and deserves the best!

    Ava Sylvester (5/30/14) Ava is a good worker and easy going.  She helps her peers in need.  Many ask her for assistance knowing she will do her best to help them.  She is a true role model for the classroom.

    Ryan Vedder (5/22/14) Ryan is a responsible, conscientious first-grader, who always tries to meet expectations. Ryan is kind, thoughtful, and considerate - a good friend to everyone!

    Acadia Webb (5/20/14) Cadie has done a great job of becoming a joyful soaring eagle. She enjoys sharing her great ideas and knows that her classmates have great ideas too. She does a great job talking about what she’s thinking and has also been making great choices! Soar some more, Cadie!

    Evelyn Chapman (5/20/14) We love the way Evelyn is enthusiastic about everything she does! She has really learned to keep herself on task and can get herself on task and can get her work done independently.  She knows when it’s time to be a listener and when it’s time to share her creative ideas. There’s no doubt that Evelyn knows how to soar!

    Judah Russell (5/20/14) Judah always works hard and never gives up. If something is hard, he just keeps working until he gets it done well. He is kind to his classmates and is a good listener at circle time! Judah should be very proud of his hard work and his polite manners.

    Isaiah Carter (5/20/14) Isaiah’s body has a lot of energy so he works extra hard to be a great listener and to respect his friends personal space. He’s been doing a great job. Isaiah’s brain has great energy too so he does a wonderful job of sharing his ideas and of thinking about our stories and class discussions. It’s always fun to see what he thinks about. Isaiah’s thinking skills soar!

    Brooklyn Templeton (5/20/14) Brooklynn does great thinking! She is very good a figuring out ways to keep everyone happy and involved. She has become a problem solver so she can be independent. Brooklynn pays attention to details so she is great at drawing, retelling stories and remembering things she hears. Brooklynn is an eagle who soars high!

    Rylee Gingo (5/20/14) Rylee has become a very cooperative PreK student! She joyfully completes her small group work and other tasks and is enjoying her time with friends. Rylee has learned how to soar and she can be very proud of how hard she’s been working!

    Dominick Wood (5/20/14) Dominick always works hard and produces quality work. He has learned how to use words and to try problem solving when he gets frustrated.  He is going to do great things a Fillmore because he knows how to soar!

    Ryan Benedict (5/20/14) Ryan always does his best and is very cooperative. He is a very cheerful student who always gets started right away when he has a job to do! He never gets grumpy with his classmates or his teachers. What a wonderful trait that is!

    Susannah Hinz (5/20/14) Susannah has been working hard to have the things she needs for school. She asks for reminders about what she needs to remember the next day and tries really hard to bring what she needs. If she can’t find exactly what she is looking for, she uses problem solving and finds something that might work. She is a very independent student. Susannah has also made good decisions about working and playing well with all her PreK friends.

    Eben Schilke (5/20/14) Eben is often that first to follow directions, so he is setting a great example for the class. He performs random acts of kindness and tries to accept and include everyone.

    Amy Majoros (5/20/14) Amy follows our classroom rules very well. She performs random acts of kindness and takes a stand against bullying.

    Jonathan Habecker (5/20/14) Jonathan consistently follows classroom expectations, he leads by setting an example, and he takes a stand against bullying.

    Ryleigh Goodliff (5/20/14) Ryleigh performs random acts of kindness. She helps around the room without being asked, and she consistently follows classroom expectations.

    Jacob Bennett (5/20/14) Jacob has been working really hard to make good decisions and follow classroom expectations. He is remembering to be kind and is making good decisions.

    Emma Cole (5/5/14) Emma is very kind hearted and includes friends and acquaintances in the everyday life of our school building. She doesn't like to see anyone left out. Way to go Emma!

    Sophia Templeton (5/5/14) Sophia has a huge heart! She sees struggles and difficulties that others are having and she is the first one to jump in and help them feel more at ease. She is truly a kind hearted fourth grader!

    Morgan James (5/5/14) Morgan is one of the biggest helpers in the fourth grade. No job or problem is too big for her. She works through problems that others may be having, one step at a time and she helps others find success! Excellent job Morgan!

    Noelle Keeler (5/5/14) Noelle is able to find those who are struggling and lend a helping hand. She is very patient and non-judgmental with others and she's a good listener. Kids feel comfortable going to Noelle for help. Thank you Noelle.

    Jordan Minnig (5/1/14) Jordan is a conscientious worker, and a good example for classmates of how to get work done so you can enjoy some free time.

    Ellie Hunter (5/1/14) Ellie is a very good helper for her classmates, and works hard to excel in all her subjects.

    Craig Swift (5/1/14) Craig is the most quietly polite student I know! Craig knows how to accurately and politely ask for assistance if he needs it but he is also working very hard at becoming independent as he learns to do  things for himself.  He is persistent and he is getting stronger and stronger!   Craig also works hard on his school work and when he learns new things he is eager to help other people learn them too! He always notices when things need to be put away and he notices without being asked!

    Clara Davies (5/1/14) Clara has Joy for a middle name and she has joy in her heart! She loves to sing and has a great big smile so she spreads joy everywhere she goes. She knows how to do great work at school and she makes great illustrations to show what she is thinking and writing about. She likes to organize everyone in her group to plan a show, play or project.

    Alexis Robbins (5/1/14) Alexis is very sweet and kind. She always wants to do her best and is learning to be more independent and confident. She always chooses to do the right thing and she works hard. She is a perfect example of a soaring eagle.

    Kelsie Ackerman (5/1/14) Kelsie has a happy giggle and is kind to all her classmates. She always does her best work.  Recently, she has really worked  hard to finish her quality work during the work table time.   Kelsie’s classmates all enjoy being in her group at center time. She has good ideas and makes things fun. She helps us all remember to be happy!

    Kylee Gingo (5/1/14) Kylee has been working very hard to do her best work at school. She is very proud when she knows she worked hard and did well. Kylee has also been a good student as she listens to directions and remembers how to finish a job.  It’s exciting to see how much Kylee is learning and how much fun she Is having with her school friends. She has really become a soaring eagle this quarter.

    Braylon Hatch (5/1/14) Braylon is a student who is very capable and can complete his jobs during work time. He also has a very good sense of humor and likes to have fun in the classroom. It is nice to see Braylon express his own ideas now as he is learning that you can be friends with someone and still have your own thoughts and make your own choices.

    Maddalin Meyers (5/1/14) Maddalin is a sweet girl who is very comfortable expressing her own ideas and thoughts. She has also become good at listening to the ideas of her classmates and realizes that they have some cool ideas too! She is a good student who always does her work independently and neatly.  If you give Maddy directions, you know she will follow through and do the job.

    Cameron Nenzda (5/1/14) Cameron is a very generous student. He is always excited to share what he has with other friends. He is very good a problem solving and can negotiate a way to involve everyone or fit in things he wants to do! Cameron has worked very hard at clearly and politely expressing what he needs or wants.  He is a good communicator. Cameron has a great smile and loves it when you joke with him. He makes a smile.

    Allison James (5/1/14) Allison is a very independent soaring eagle. She pays attention to everything she needs and works hard to be ready to learn. She is very proud when she does quality work and she really enjoys the chance to share good ideas with other people. Allison always does her best and tries to make good choices.

    Tray McKinsey (4/30/14) Tray has been putting forth great effort in all of his work. He is kind to everyone and helpful as well.

    Eva Camardo (4/30/14) Eva has made a complete turnaround in her behavior this year. She has become very helpful to everyone. She is kind and cooperative. Mrs. Chaddock is very proud of her!

    Ben Beardsley (4/29/14) Ben has been working very hard in class. He is always kind to others. Each day he comes to school with a smile and excitement for the day. He participates in class and is being responsible too! Keep up the great work Ben!

    Ernie Lipscomb   (4/29/14) Ernie has been working hard in class.He participates in class discussions and is willing to challenge himself.He is a "great thinker" and asks great questions too!Keep working hard Ernie!

    Tyler Kizer-Patterson (4/28/14)  Tyler has put forth consistent effort in recent weeks to make wise and appropriate choices; to think before he acts, and to always do what is asked and expected. He is sensitive, kind and considerate - a good friend to his classmates!

    Travis DeLude (4/28/14) Travis puts forth consistent effort to make wise and appropriate choices. He wants to learn, and tries his best to meet expectations! Travis is thoughtful and kind; he is a good friend!

    Kada Frazier (4/11/14) Kada is always kind to everyone. She has never been known to say anything that would hurt someone's feelings. She always tries to find something positive in every situation. When she sees something that needs to be cleaned up or put away, she does it without being asked. She makes good decisions and sets a good example to her classmates.
    Lizzy Nugent (4/7/14) Lizzy is such a great help to people in her class. She works hard and she likes to see others work up to their potential.

    Caleb Wagner (4/7/14) Caleb has been very kind lately and he has been polite in class. What a beautiful improvement! He loves to help out and I really appreciate that!

    Hannah Tanner (4/7/14) Hannah has a positive attitude, and works hard. Hannah has been working hard on getting her work completed and does it with a smile!
    Saige Friedl (4/7/14) Saige has had a great work completion month in class! Saige is actually ahead on her work and continues to do well. Repeat Nominee
    James Camardo (4/4/14)  James is a good boy who tries very hard to do his best and is a kind friend. He loves to help others when they need a helping hand. He also loves helping the teacher and does a nice job.

    MacKenzie Wilcox (4/4/14) Mackenzie is a great kiddo. She's responsible and conscientious...always wanting to do well. She enjoys being a good friend to everyone in our class and is kind to all.

    BrookeLaBelle (4/3/14) Brooke is learning to be a consistent and independent worker. She works hard and does her best. She is kind to all of her classmates.

    Avalon Taylor (4/3/14)  Avalon is a careful student who does her best and neatest work, even when no one is watching. She interacts nicely with all of her classmates and adds joy to the classroom.

    Campbell Mucher (4/3/14)  Campbell is always looking for ways to help in the classroom and is cheerful when asked to complete a task. He carries to the table and brings books for his friends to use at independent reading time. He works hard to complete his school work as well.

    Kylie Ackerman (4/3/14)  Kylie is always kind to her classmates. She has demonstrated the ability to very kindly and patiently encourage peers to stay on task, pay attention and do her best work. She is very good at helping other be successful!

    Weston Brown (4/3/14)  Weston always, always, always uses good manners! He is very proud when he demonstrates his best work!

    Adalyn Wartinger (4/3/14)  Adalyn accepts tough challenges. She enjoys having to think hard to figure things out and she doesn’t give up. She is a willing helper in the classroom.

    Paloma Sokso (4/3/14)  Paloma is creative and knows how to be a great friend to all of her classmates. She is a problem solver and has a great sense of humor as well. She makes the classroom an enjoyable place to be!

    Tim Washburn (4/3/14) Tim has been such a hard worker lately. He is focused and ready to learn. He is a pleasure to work with and is doing really well. Keep up the great work Tim!

    Cadence Evans (4/3/14) Cadence is such a kind, polite, and respectful girl. She works hard and always tries her best. Her smile and kind ways can always light up a room. Keep up the great work Cadence! I am very proud of you!

    Jasmine Minnig (4/3/14) Jasmine is a great example to her classmates. Each day she comes to school with a smile. She is works hard, shows kindness and respect. Jasmine is a good friend to all. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class. I am very proud of you Jasmine! Repeat Nominee

    SaigeFriedl (3/28/14) Saige is a great worker! She is helpful in Social Studies class. If anyone needs anything, Saige is the first one to offer her help, her notes, cards and time. Excellent work Saige!
    Zoe Beardsley (3/28/14) Zoe is an all around great friend! She helps everyone with homework catch up, she is kind when she speaks to others and she makes everyone around her feel good! Great work Zoe!

    Haley Hall (3/28/14) Haley does wonderful work with anyone she is paired up with. She is patient and kind and has great ideas when she explains herself. She has unique ways of figuring out solutions to all kinds of problems with her friends. Way to go Haley!

    Emma Wolski (3/28/14) Emma is a friend to everyone. She never has a mean word to say. She encourages others and strives to do her best in everything she does. She makes everyone around feel good! Great job Emma.

    Lexi Pool (3/28/14) Lexi is an excellent organizer. She cleans up after their class mates everyday and they strive for perfection. She is a hard worker and they never quit! Thank you!

    Conner McKinsey (3/28/14) Conner has been a Soaring Eagle in reading. He is very respectful and a responsible worker and is extremely kind to his classmates. Conner always puts forth his best effort, even when work is hard for him. He used to be one of the students who ran in the hallway to get to our class, and now he always walks. He is an excellent example to his classmates.

    Henry Decker (3/28/14) Henry works hard in the classroom and pushes himself to improve every day. He is a kind classmate and loves to help out others in his class.

    Quin Johnson (3/28/14) Quin adds great insight into our class discussions. He has a positive attitude in the classroom and enjoys sharing his love of reading with his classmates.

    Adebe Currie (3/28/14) Adebe is always respectful, upbeat and happy. She thinks of others before herself and is a shining example of the excellent character traits of a Soaring Eagle. She does her work without complaining, even when it is difficult for her.

    Hannah Dunmire (3/28/14) Hannah should be an educator! She is great with explaining to others what to do when they don't understand. She is patient and kind with her words. She is great helper in class and she is eager to please. Can I keep her?--- Repeat Nominee

    Jadyn Mucher  (3/28/14) Jadyn  is an excellent organizer. She cleans up after their class mates everyday and they strive for perfection. She is a hard worker and they never quit! Thank you! Repeat Nominee

    Reid Cockle (3/27/14) Reid is a responsible student, role model classmate, and a kind friend.
    Alivia Kiff (3/27/14) Alivia is always in a cheerful mood with a big smile on her face. She helps teachers organize messy centers without being asked, which is a big help to her teachers. Alivia also tries her best in math class every day.
    Mya Hubbard (3/17/14) Mya is kind to classmates and teachers. She does the right thing without being asked and tries to include everyone. She makes good decisions and leads by setting a good example for others.

    Allie Shaffner (3/17/14) Allie is kind to classmates and teachers. She does the right thing without being asked and tries to include everyone. She makes good decisions and leads by setting a good example for others.

    Angel Souter (3/17/14) Angel is kind to classmates and teachers. She does the right thing without being asked and tries to include everyone. She makes good decisions and leads by setting a good example for others.

    Everest Su (3/17/14) Everest is kind to classmates and teachers. He does the right thing without being asked and tries to include everyone. He makes good decisions and leads by setting a good example for others.

    Hannah Dunmire (3/17/14) Hannah works hard, is always positive, and makes productive decisions. She is also a friend to everyone.

    Matt Majoros (3/17/14) Matt is really focused and is a workaholic. He worked persistently to get through his reading and writing assignments all last week. He inspired classmates and deserves a hand!

    Connor Landcastle (3/17/14) Connor works hard, especially in AIS. He is a good friend to his classmates.

    Summer Minnig (3/7/14) Summer exhibits all of the qualities of a Soaring Eagle. She is a hard worker, and is friendly to everyone. She is probably the most patient and understanding student I have ever encountered. She is very helpful to everyone, and volunteers to aid anyone around her. We are very proud of her!
    Jenna Heaney (1/29/14) Jenna has worked extra hard to have patience and accept others who are different from herself. She actively helps and encourages students who are struggling in the room and models appropriate behavior.
    Teah Garrison (1/24/14) Teah is a wonderful girl who is always willing to help in any way that she can. She comes to school each day with a smile and is excited to learn and share. Teah is a very hard worker and always tries her best. At the end of everyday, she always is one of the first kids to say "Bye, Mrs. Miller...have a good night". It just shows how thoughtful and considerate Teah is. She is a joy to have in class.


    Luke Johson (1/24/14) Luke is an amazing boy. He comes to school each day with excitement and such a positive attitude. His smile and and his love of learning is contagious. He is creative, helpful, kind, respectful, and a friend to all. He is a pure joy to have in our class.
    Gage Hartman (1/24/14) Gage is a hard worker and a good friend. He encourages his classmates to do their best work, and congratulates them when they do something well. Even when his own work is difficult for him, he plugs away without complaining. He always completes assignments, and he complies with teacher directions promptly. He sets an excellent example to his peers.

    Lilly Pool (1/16/14) Lilly always tries her best to make good choices. She leads by example. Her peers can often look to her to find the right thing to do. She is kind and accepting of others.
    Gavin Bush (1/13/14) Gavin always tries his best. He puts forth 100% effort on every task. He sets a great working example for other students. He is a pleasure to have in class!
    Michael Potter (1/13/14) Michael helps to put up the chairs for his classmates at the end of the day. He also is a great reading buddy to everyone in the classroom!
    Montana Gayford (12/13/13) Montana is a true friend to all of her classmates. She's nice and is willing to help a friend in need. Montana is also a very responsible student.
    Kalen Beardsley (12/13/13) Kalen is always a kind boy to everyone. He's a great helper and a conscientious worker.
    Jacob Collopy (12/11/13)  Jacob is a true example of happiness. He is eager to please his teachers and his peers. 


    John Dunmire (12/11/13) John always does his best in school. He is a great friend to all of his classmates. He is encouraging and includes everyone. 

    Matthew Dunmire  (12/11/13) Matt is an excellent example to his peers. He is willing to share and be a friend to all. 


    Ian Ellwood  (12/11/13) Ian is honest and tries his best. He is working hard to be a serious student.


    Holden Mills (12/11/13)  Holden gets the medal for most improved student and is working at doing his best each and every day.


    Sawyer Pomeroy (12/11/13) Sawyer is a great reader and organizer. She helps everyone with routine and instructions.  Way to go Sawyer!


    Amelia Rose  (12/11/13) Amelia is quiet student but is encouraging to others. She takes her studies seriously and does a wonderful job!


    Kayla Wolski  (12/11/13)  Kayla is a joy and inspiration in the classroom. She is always willing to help out a friend in any way.
    Hailee Ellis (12/10/13) It is a true pleasure to work with Hailee and have her in the classroom. She has an amazing awareness of other people's feelings. She invites others to be her partner or to work/play with her when she sees they are alone. She compliments peers easily when they succeed. Hailee is also very effective at assisting classmates by asking questions and providing prompts but she doesn’t just tell them the answer! She is an amazingly mature and considerate 4 year old. She helps make our classroom a friendly place to learn and a safe place to try new things.

    Destiney Stann (11/23/13) Destiney enters the room each morning with a ready smile and a positive attitude. She puts forth consistent effort throughout the day, and works diligently to meet expectations!
    Alexandria Thur (11/21/13) Alex is kind, sensitive, and thoughtful; she is a good friend to all! Alex always tries her best, and encourages others to do so, as well. She frequently offers assistance to those who need extra help.


    Olivia Chiu (11/21/13) Olivia is a very helpful girl. She is more than willing to help her classmates. She is also willing to volunteer her time to help after school. Olivia is excited about school and it shows with her school work. She is a hard worker and a joy to have in class!


    Jasmine Minnig (11/21/13) Jasmine is a kind and thoughtful girl. She always works hard and tries her best. She is willing to help others and always does in a very kind way. She is excited about school and always participates in class. She is a joy to have in class!

    Brianna Montesano (11/23/13) Brianna is an absolute pleasure to have in class. She works hard and always tries her best. Each day she comes to school with a beautiful smile. She is kind very helpful to others. Brianna is also very thoughtful. Her kindness shows each and every day.
    Eli Hatch (11/21/13) Eli is such a great kiddo! He always tries his best and works very hard. He is always willing to participate in class and is very responsible. He is also a great friend and classmate. He is respectful and considerate too! Eli is an absolute pleasure to have in our class!
    Noah Strickland (11/19/13)  Noah is always a hard worker, and really takes others under his wing when they need guidance.


    Gianna Sokso (11/19/13) Gianna strives to always do her best and is always looking for ways she can help.

    Julia Guerra (11/14/13) Julia is such a kind, caring little girl. She is helpful to whoever needs help and encouraging to all. Overall she sets a great example for everyone in Mrs. Chaddock’s room.

    Jenna Austin (11/14/13) Jenna is such a big help to those who may need it in Mrs. Chaddock’s classroom. She is always ready to encourage and is positive with everyone. Mrs. Chaddock appreciates all that she does for her!

    Regina Willmart (11/14/13) Regina is always happy. She wants others to do well and often tells them how well they are doing! She makes everyone smile.

    Davis Ricketts (11/14/13) Davis helps anyone in need without being asked. He is positive and an uplifting member of Mrs. Austin’s class.

    Emma Guerra (10/31/13)  Emma always goes out of her way to be a kind classmate. If she sees a classmate in need she makes sure to stop and help them. She comes into school everyday with a positive attitude and is a joy to have in class.
    Taylor Washburn (10/31/13) Taylor lent a classmate an extra coat for playtime. Her thoughtful gestures help keep a positive atmosphere in the classroom. She has also gained confidence in herself as a reader and continues to work at improving her reading skills everyday!
    Zander Kegley (10/25/13) Zanderis one of the best examples of kindness and compassion that I know. Although he has personal struggles of his own, he never complains and always has a smile on his face. He is always the first person to offer assistance or a compliment to others. He is genuinely friendly, helpful and pleasant to be around. He deserves to be a Soaring Eagle.
    Skylar Gaddy (10/22/13) Skylaris a good friend to everyone. She is kind and generous. She works hard even when we can tell she doesn't want to. She is a good example to all of her classmates of what a Soaring Eagle should be!


    Jack Boon (10/15/13)  Jack is kind, sensitive, and caring. He encourages others to do their best, and often offers assistance throughout the day.


    Makenzie Buckley (10/15/13) Makenzie always tries her best to meet expectations. She is conscientious, thoughtful and caring - a good friend to everyone!


    Jackson Cool (10/15/13)  Jack is a quiet worker, who puts forth consistent effort at everything he does. He is a kind, considerate friend, as well!


    Nathan Tanner (10/15/13)  Nathan is a quiet, conscientious worker, who puts forth consistent effort to meet expectations. Nathan is kind to everyone, and always he encourages others to do their best. He is a good friend!


    Layton Sanasith (10/15/13)  Layton is a responsible, conscientious worker; he always does his best, and encourages others to do the same!

    Johnny Shaffner (10/11/13) Johnny is very polite. He is a good listener when he works with others in groups. Johnny is also very helpful to everyone and anyone who needs it!
    Isaac Sylvester (10/11/13)Isaac sees a job that needs to be done and he takes it upon himself to complete it. He is great to have in class and a great friend to have by your side.
    Preslee Miller (10/10/13) Preslee is so thoughtful and considerate of others. She is always the first one to offer to do ANYTHING to help out, and is 100% trustworthy. She is a blessing to have in class.
    Emily Reed (10/10/13) Emily is a wonderful helper in the classroom. She has been a very responsible and dependable third grader.
    Mercedes Wolcott (10/10/13) Mercedes always does her best in the classroom. She is very kind to all of her classmates and works hard to set a good example.
    Kaleigh Kinnicut (10/8/13) Kaleigh is a great helper to her friends. She is kind and thoughtful always.
    Sophia Pastorius (10/2/13) Sophia is always polite and willing to help the teachers. On several occasions, she has stayed back to help push in library chairs and pick up books that were left behind by her classmates. In addition to helping the teachers she is also willing to help out her peers if they are having difficulty. When she helps them she doesn't just do the work for them but teaches them how to do it.

    Gabe Fraschetti (10/2/13) Gabe is a genuine friend! He seeks out opportunities to make everyone feel accepted. He is kind and considerate; he always sees the best in others.

    Rachel Hatch (10/2/13) Rachel always looks for ways to help others. She listens to friends read; she runs errands; she puts up chairs at the end of the day. Rachel performs random acts of kindness throughout the day!

    Matt Hatch (9/30/13) Matt has been helping a friend carry books from class to class and scribing assignments while his friend’s arm is healing.
    Torann Wolfer (9/27/13) Torann is always patient and is a constant help with her friends in the classroom.

    Graham Cahill (9/27/13) Graham is an outstanding organizer and helps keep everyone in line. He keeps the room picked up and organizes the ipad cart several times per day. He's been great!

    Jadyn Mucher (9/27/13) Jayden has been a wonderful helper in Mrs. Clark’s class. She helps with directions and questions from her friends and she is always very kind.

    Kylee Ellsworth (9/27/13) Kylee has been a huge help with all of the new rookies in Mrs. Chaddock’s classroom this year. She has been kind, patient and has made the new students feel very comfortable!

    Brandon Buck (9/27/13) Brandon has been a huge help with all of the new rookies in Mrs. Chaddock’s classroom this year. He has been kind, patient and has made our new students feel very comfortable!

    Alex Ellsworth (9/24/13) Alex is a great example for his peers. He takes those in need under his wing and includes all peers in activities. He is a wonderful example of a Soaring Eagle!