Welcome to 9th grade English!
Please bring the following supplies with you to class:
  • Pens/pencils
  • 1 notebook
  • 1 pack loose-leaf paper
  • 1 ½”-2" Black binder
  • Post-It Notes 
  • Agenda
Many of the assignments we do in class are available through my Moodle and/or Office 365 page.  Below are lists of the pathways to logon to each. 
Here is the link to the English 9 Moodle page:  https://moodle.caboces.org/demo/login/index.php
  • Go to the link
  • Your username is your first name initial, last name, and graduation- jsmith20
  • Then enter your personal password
To login into Office 365, here is the link: Microsoft Office 365
  • Go to the link
  • Enter your email, first name initial, last name, grad year @fillmorecsd.org- jsmith20@fillmorecsd.org
  • Then enter your password