For Parents:
Understanding the Common Core Standards 


The Common Core has increased the rigor and raised expectations for all students.  Our students are being asked to do more reading, writing, and math at an earlier age.  


At Fillmore, we are taking a common sense approach to implementing the Common Core Curriculum and NYS instructional modules.  Visit for more information.

  • We are adapting the Common Core Standards and materials to make sense for our students.  
  • We are continuing instructional practices that have worked for our students.
  • We are starting an instructional video library on our school web page for teachers and parents.   


FCS Common Core Video Libraries:

Videos are selected by teachers and sorted according to teacher.  

PK - 4 Video Library


5-12 Video Library 





January 2010

New York State Board of Regents committed to the CCSS

July 2010

CCSS for English Language Arts & Literacy and Mathematics formally adopted

April 2013

Grades 3-8 state assessments begin

June 2014

High School assessment begins in phases